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Potential Signs of Abuse or Neglect

Any of the following occurrences could be potential signs of abuse or neglect:

  1. Development of pressure sores (also known as bed sores or decubitus ulcers)
  2. Rapid weight loss (due to malnutrition and/or dehydration)
  3. Broken bones and/or unexplained falls
  4. A resident known to be incontinent is left in his or her urine or feces for lengthy periods of time
  5. Unexplained or unexpected death of the resident
  6. Injury resulting from use of restraint or lack of restraint
  7. Heavy medication and sedation being used in place of supervision by staff
  8. Caretaker cannot adequately explain the resident’s condition
  9. The resident is suddenly and unexpectedly emotionally upset or agitated, withdrawn or non-communicative
  10. The occurrence of resident-on-resident or staff-on-resident violence

If you think a loved one might have experienced abuse or neglect in a nursing home, contact us online or call our law firm on our nationwide, toll-free number, 1.800.320.2384.

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Mr. Suthers was a Southern gentleman of highest quality. He was kind and thoughtful when I needed it most. He worked with the funeral home and was able to push my paperwork through the courts and get me out of GA when I needed too. I sing his praises then and now.


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