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Nursing Home Compare
Lists the most recent federal survey results, populations of the nursing home, and facts about the nursing home's ownership.

National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
This coalition includes consumers and advocates who define and achieve quality for people with long-term care needs. This site contains publications on senior care, membership, family involvement, citizen groups, updates, state ombudsmen, ombudsmen resource center, and also contains action alert regarding changes in federal, state and local laws affecting care of the elderly.

Senior Citizens Bureau
The National Coalition for Elder Care Reform (NCECR) is a national, non-profit professional association for the senior industry supporting education, research, advocacy and services for seniors.

Access America for Seniors
This Web site includes senior-related articles, a monthly newsletter, a what's new and exciting section, featured news topics, benefits, health, consumer protection, services, employment and volunteer activities, retirement planner, taxes, travel and leisure, and education and training.

Web place for consumer information and rights of nursing home residents and senior Americans in general.
This is a web site where senior citizens, their families, attorneys, social workers and financial planners can access additional information about elder law, Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, trusts and the rights of the elderly and disabled.

Original Medicare: Getting Care in a Hospital, Nursing Home, at Home, and with Hospice
Explains when Medicare pays for nursing home care.

Georgia Facility Location and Information Guide
A searchable list of long-term care facilities in Georgia.

South Carolina Nursing Homes
A list of nursing home facilities in South Carolina.

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